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The owner and founder of Southern Water Gardens, Inc, is Jonathan Kidder,- a graduate of NC State University with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture.  Jonathan has been designing water gardens and fountains since 1984.

Our water garden designs are custom designs created from natural stone. (not pre-packaged and installed straight out of a box.) Instead, they are custom designed to maximize the beauty of the space you have available. We serve both commercial and residential needs.  The water features can circulate water with a pond, or without a pond..

The pond systems are "Living Water Systems." Along with the beauty and tranquility they provide, they are top quality eco-systems, featuring biological filtration that supports both plants, and fish.


Proper maintenance is essential, and we are experts in reliable maintenance and pond care. We recommend a bi-monthly care plan. We add bacteria, fertilize your plants, and do algae, leaf, and predator control. Our reliable maintenance plans truly set us apart. All you have to do is enjoy your pond, and we will take care of the rest!

Your Pond Care Experts!:

Our pond professionals always have access to the latest, most up-to-date information and cutting-edge technology in the industry.  Hiring a dependable and trustworthy pond professional is the first step towards years of enjoyment of your own backyard oasis.  We are a member of the IPPCA, (the International Professional Pond Companies Association).  You can depend on us.

Custom Designs:

Your water garden may vary depending on size and location, and the design of the pond, waterfall, fountain, or stream you have in mind. When we give you an estimate, we can make recommendations for you about a size and style to match your home's landscape and your budget. In addition, we will give you an estimate on how long installation will take.

When we install your water garden, we provide everything except the water (it comes from the faucet at your home or business), the electricity (the wiring is done by a qualified electrician), and the fish!  We will take care of the Rest!




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