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A water garden transforms your backyard into your own personal paradise! Southern Water Gardens Inc specializes in designing gardens that suit your needs, your style of landscaping, and the size and amount of space you have available.

Water garden designs can be as unique and individual as you are. They can be simple and elegant, or they can be as complex as a work of art. Our water gardens designs are custom designs, created from natural stone. Unlike some of our competitors, they are not pre-packaged. Instead, they are custom designed to match your needs and maximize the beauty of your landscape.

The experts at Southern Water Gardens Inc will take the time to help you plan each detail of your pond in order to create a living environment suitable for a "living water system,"- an eco-logically balanced system that provides an appropriate habitat for both your fish and plants. Our pros will design a garden pond and waterfall that meets your preferences and desires while at the same time still provides the proper habitat for sustaining life.

A water garden estimate varies depending on the size and location of the area you have, and the design of the pond, waterfall, and stream that you have in mind. We can make recommendations for you about size, as well as recommend a style to match your home's landscape and your budget. In addition, we can give you an estimate of how long the project installation will take.

Adding a custom-designed water garden to your home is one of the most affordable ways to add lasting beauty and value to your property. Please explore this site to learn more about custom water gardens from Southern Water Gardens Inc, then give us a call so that a professional can give you an estimate on your own custom design!







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