Proper maintenance of your water garden is essential, and retaining a specialist with an expertise in reliable and maintenance and pond care can provide years of enjoyment of your own water garden.

Our ponds are different than the ponds of yesteryear. The stagnant pools of years ago were a disaster for homeowners who had little time for maintenance.

But the living water systems of today work with nature, containing constantly circulating, filtered water, living natural bacteria, plants, and if desired, fish,- all natural parts of a balanced, healthy miniature eco-system in your own yard!

There is no use of toxic chemicals. Our system lowers the maintenance time required and makes owning a pond more affordable and owner-friendly than ever before.

For the little maintenance that is required, it is important to retain a specialist who is an expert in reliable maintenance and pond care. Our maintenance contracts are flexible based on your needs, and they are perfect for doing the things necessary to keeping your system healthy and alive.

For many of our valued customers, we recommend a bi-monthly care plan. During our visits to your water garden, we add bacteria, fertilize your plants, and do algae, leaf, and predator control. Two of the more important clearings we offer are seasonal:

Spring Cleaning - Spring cleaning is an annual ritual in many households, but in a water garden this means you need to prevent the murky water caused by buildup algae and plant debris.

Spring cleaning of your water garden is an essential part of maintaining the health of any "living water system." Southern Water Gardens Inc offers spring cleaning as a part of our maintenance plan.

In the spring Mother Nature has her own way of washing out our lakes, streams, and rivers, with melting snow and lots of rain. But your water garden is a self-contained eco-system, and it may need a little help cleaning itself out each spring. That's where we come in. We simulate what Mother Nature normally does herself.
At the beginning of each new season we remove muck and decomposing organic matter that has built up in your pond and system components, keeping your system fresh, healthy, and free of debris. Your only job is to enjoy your garden and show it off to your friends all summer long!

Fall Netting - a water garden builds up organic matter that needs to be cleaned out seasonally. A good time to do this is in the fall, when the water temperature is cooler.

In the fall it is important to remove dead leaves. When dead leaves build up in the bottom of your pond they can decompose over the winter, release harmful gases, and even harm your fish and eco-system.

The build-up of gases can be especially harmful to your fish if your pond ices over, and the gases from the decomposing organic matter get trapped inside. The professionals from Southern Water Gardens Inc will net leaves from your pond every fall as part of our regular maintenance program.

The fall cleaning is not as thorough as the spring cleaning, but it is an important part of the annual maintenance necessary to keep your pond, stream, and filtering components clear of debris, keeping your living pond system healthy and fresh year round.

Remember with Southern Water Gardens Inc, our reliable maintenance plans are what truly set us apart. If you do not have time to check on your filters, remove leaves and trim plants we are happy to do it for you! All you have to do is enjoy your pond, and we will take care of the rest!








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